What Does It Do?

Continual improvement can be achieved for instructors by  assessment and evaluation. Out-of-the-box solutions don’t always provide the desired feedback or flexibility.  Virsity integrates well with existing, supported software or learning management systems (LMS) such as Canvas.  Virsity can also be integrated with your own custom software.  Virsity keeps your school or enterprise compliant with stringent localization laws that apply to data creation, transmission, and storage.  Our data integration and routing engine, or DIRE is at the heart of our system and is utilized in many industries.  In general, organizations must actively protect their clients from data breaches in order to stay in business. The CIO, CTO have inherited and administer these responsibilities both in Higher Ed and Industry.



Integrate Seamlessly With Your LMS!

Virsity makes integration a snap. Once you’re tied into our API, you can produce extensive, customized reports using our powerful querying engine.

Our API separates all data and markup, or gives you the option of receiving both! Because our GraphQL querying engine allows you to ask any question you want of the API, building your own software on our platform is a snap and engineering teams love working with our intuitive tools.

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