Who is it for?

Higher Ed, Industry, Large Companies, Startups….

Higher ed, example….for many professors online or “distance ed” classes are routine but for others it was an unexpected polar plunge! Virsity puts more professors back into the pilot seat with tools to evaluate how their teaching is going while also providing other essentials, such as compliance to CCPA, HIPPA, and other necessary protections to student data regardless if it is personal data in the form of audio, data, pictures or video.

Industry, example…storing data of clients requires compliance.  Initial legislation was passed in the US and UK in 2018 and already changes had to be made.  A business can add compliance by adding our DIRE (patent pending) system to their development.  Our development tools can also be utilized with it with also the flexibility of our development team to help with projects if needed.

Large Enterprise, example…Virsity has a dream-come-true API for developers, we provide personalized support and our patent pending data integration and routing engine is conform to all data compliance regulations, and privacy requirements!

Startups,…..need that extra team member, team with us!  Add our DIRE system to your product and experience our easy API to launch faster.  Plus our Bitbuild development team can be called on if needed.  We have a healthy portfolio of companies who used to be just like you–let us help build your team.


Integrate Seamlessly with your LMS

Your schools Learning Management Software likely already integrates with Virsity and Virsity gives you more features and more access to info about the success of your teaching. Who doesn’t want data the important data on their students progress?  Find test questions that need to be revised, see what they choose, or choose what other detail is important to monitor.

Vircity has a straight forward user interface that doesn’t require an IT to “get you started”.  You can quickly setup robust roles and permissions and manage them.  This conserves and insures work time to remain focused on performance and not software management.


Our Patent-pending DIRE System Keeps Your Data Safe!

Because Virsity can store your students’ data in their country of origin, you’re able to comply to data sovereignty, and data localization laws with a turn-key solution.

Frankly, many universities haven’t realized that new current regulations were passed to protect their students personal info, let alone put the technology into place.  In 2018 an international regulation, called GDPR, was passed that requires information protection for abroad students in a virtual setting such as an overseas student taking an online class!